Automotive & Industrial Network

Hello I am JG Moran, Founder, President, and CEO of Auto Emergency Service and Moran Brothers Industrial Network. Over the years in business I have noticed the need for the consumers to have someone on their side, and protect them of malicious mechanic shops and dealerships that mainly look at their customers as profit and their car problems as a way to double and triple their paychecks. This is why I felt the need to create this network. To assure our customers and the consumers in general, that they will receive the best care related to their vehicle needs and much more. By becoming a member of our network you are protected, and entitled to all the benefits and services that we provide.

What is Auto Emergency Services?

Auto Emergency Service provides nationwide coverage. It is more than 24 hour roadside support, it is a network, meticulously crafted, to help serve the customer in the unfortunate circumstance of a mechanical failure by providing

● 24 hour roadside assistance
● jumpstarts
● battery checks
● electrical systems checks
● flat tire repairs
● lockouts
● fuel delivery
● towing
● on-spot diagnostics.

Our vision is to get you back on the road as soon as possible by performing any minor repair on site when applicable and agreed upon.


Other services, major repairs, painting, body work, and tires are provided by our in-network shops which have been qualified by having the proper certifications, licenses and insurance.


The Roadside Service Agreement adds value, peace of mind and sense of security to the purchase/sale of a used vehicle. In case of a breakdown, customers can rest assured they will have access to free or low cost assistance. You earn additional offers and discounts when you are in for service in any of our network facilities. You will immediately get 10 to 20% off of your total owed. Applies in all network facilities and mobile units.


All in-network shops are put through a rigorous pre-qualification process to ensure they are in accordance with all licensing and certifications required to conduct business. When you are a member, you are automatically adding value to your vehicle because your membership is transferable to a new owner when the vehicle sold. Furthermore you have peace of mind and confidence while driving your car, or any other car that you are in.